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against the dark phenix

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Obviously your most powerful apponent is spell check.

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Pick up a dictionary and learn to spell.

This isn't a slam as just a request for people to please learn to spell. apponent = Opponent phenix=pheonix

I know it's nitpicking but c'mon... if you want people in your life to take you seriously, put some effort into your work.

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Well I can list characters that can take her out:


Uatu the watcher

Maybe Thanos


and maybe a few others

The dark pheonix isn't the most powerful being in the marve universe, she's one of them though. But a good opponent for her would probably be Dr.Strange at his best or the Silver Surfer....

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If I can presume we're talknig about the same person then...Wow that's pretty tough because she is practically unstoppable. I'd think though that if Rogue could goddamn get near her then it'd be a slightly more fair match than say, Iceman. lol

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