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Hi, I really need ur answers, so plz answer these questions!

*I'm FTM & I know butch lesbians & pre-op FTM transexuals r different, But they both wear guys' clothes & act boyish!

*1)R u butch lesbian or FTM transexual ?

*2)What is ur hairstyle now ?

*3)Do\Did u (could u) cut ur hair short & boyish all the time?

*4)Do\Did u shave ur face? How about legs ?

*5)Do\Did u pluck ur eyebrows?

*6)If ur answer for questions number 3,4,5 is No!, did ur classmates or other ppl make fun of u or not ?

*7)Do\Did u generally have a hairy body (face,legs,eyebrows) or not ?

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im neither of those but i want tell you that there is difference between a butch lesbian and a trans man [ ftm transsexual] a trans man is a man born in to a female body and a butch lesbian is just a Masculine lesbian woman who is happy being a a Masculine woman who likes women.

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I'm not sure why you think you need these answers but butch lesbians are not the same as FTMs. Please clarify why you need this information.

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I agree. Do one.

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