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my favorite book is the picture of dorian gray:

right now i am trying to read wuthering heights. this isnt a easy book, though i like the challenge its not a before bed read.( which is the only time i have time to read outside of school books)

right now i am looking for some thing that has

-romance (hopefully with a happy ending)

- metaphorical and philosophical elements

- drama

- not too wordy

- something that does not require too much historical knowledge

- a classic

god i wish wilde had written another book. ps im in 11th grade

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Great Expectations

A Farewell To Arms

A Tale Of Two Cities

Jane Eyre

Mildred Pierce

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Try Love in the time of cholera. It has all of these elements save for the happy ending. It is a very sad romance but it is worth the read.

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I do not know whether you like Indian authors, but try out The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri or even Shantaram (But that's way too long:P)

You can, alternatively, try One Amazing Thing or even this book called The five people you meet in heaven. I've read these, that is why.

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OMG!!!!! Read Bookends by Liz Crutis Higgs or Mixed Singles by the same author. But you have GOT to read Bookends. I just lend it to a friend and she is almost finish. It is AMAZING for beofre bed ( only time i have to read too) I loved it! its super funny and cute. The back makes it sound a little boring but its totally NOT! you have GOT to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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read Poe books hes good...creepy though

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